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Wondrous Night - Larry Wilson

Wondrous Night

Words and Music by Larry Wilson

All Rights Reserved

Verse 1

Wondrous night, all God’s stars are shining

Following the light, men who seek are finding

            Lying there with his virgin mother

    In Bethlehem where they said he would be

    A first born son of the House of David

    He sleeps….and waits his destiny


Verse 2

Angels fly…to shepherds…joy announcing

Peace on Earth, goodwill to all pronouncing

Jesus the Lord, what a beautiful baby,

Just look at the way he shines!

The cross on the hill now seems so far away

To the infant human and divine.



 Glory to God in the highest

Glory to God in the highest

And peace to all people on earth


Verse 3

And now the world has hope for its condition

This little child….will mend fallen creation.

    Here in a stable, not in a palace,

    Is where earth and heaven meet.

    As angels sing their hosannas

    Wise men lay gifts at his feet.


Holy, Holy, Holy Lord

Holy, Holy, Holy Lord

Holy, Holy, Holy Lord

Holy, Holy, Holy Lord

                     Wondrous Night

A new Christmas song. Jesus is a beautiful baby, the Savior, True God and true man.

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