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Who Do You Say I Am?

At Caesarea Phillipi, Jesus asks his disiples.  "Who do YOU Say I Am? Silence...then Peter speaks up: "You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God".  This is a question we all must answer.  Is He just a good man, just a good moral teacher, just a prophet?  Or is he the Son of the LIving God?  Real Christians believe the latter.





Who Do You Say I Am
Words and Music by Larry Wilson – All Rights Reserved

Jesus to the apostles:
Who do they say I am, when you tell them about me?
Elijah or John the Baptizer, some say you’re just a man.
But you, who do you say I am?

Peter responds:
Lord we’ve followed you around this dusty countryside
And seen all the miracles you do
But my answer comes from deep inside the need in me
To whom shall we go but to you
You are the Son of the Living God, Lord, you are the Messiah

Jesus speaks to us today:
Who do you say I am, when given the chance to speak about me?
Can you answer as a friend of mine? Can you take a stand?
You, who do you say I am?


We respond:
Jesus be patient, I’m just an ordinary man
Your question challenges me.
I’ve looked the other way but now I see you everywhere
Lord I have come to believe.

You are the Son of the Living God, my Lord you are the Messiah

Who Do You Say I AM - Larry Wilson
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