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                                Thunder Over Toledo

A truck driver who is questioning his life picks up a hitchhiker on a long haul to Baltimore and finds Christ.


Thunder over Toledo
Words and Music by Larry Wilson, All Rights Reserved


Verse 1
Thunder over Toledo, storm clouds flying by
A full moon hiding from the truckers, lighting up the sky
On the road six nights in a row, the highway used to be my friend
But now this concrete ribbon seems to have no end

     I’ve got nowhere to go, but on down the road
nothing to live for, no one who really cares
All my dreams are fading with each lonely mile
I die a little inside myself each day

Verse 2
I needed somebody to talk to so I gave a “thumber” a ride
Cold and wet from the pouring rain, he smiled as he climbed inside
I’m not the kind of man who would pour out his soul to just
some stranger passing by
But there was something about this happy young man that made
me want to cry ….


Verse 3
He told me about the Lamb of God, he passed around the Good News
He handed me an age-old cure for the highway blues
By the time we got to Baltimore, there was a new man behind the wheel
With a lot to learn about a way to live and a brand new way to feel.

I’ve got somewhere to go, something to do
Something to live for and I want to tell the world
All my dreams are the dreams that Jesus gives to me
I draw a little closer every day, I’ve found the way
Jesus is the way

Thunder Over Toledo - Larry Wilson
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