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The New Christian

A new Christian prays to experience more of the Father's love and more of the Holy Spirit.

The New Christian - Larry Wilson

The New Christian

Words and Music by Larry Wilson

All Rights Reserved


Verse 1

                         Pour your love deep inside of me

                         Help me be what you want me to be

                        My faith is weak but with your grace I’ll learn to be strong

                        In you I see my destiny, this is where I belong

                        With you Lord


  Verse 2

                       Jesus, Jesus I’ve tried it on my own,

                       Take this lonely life and give me a new home.

                       Send the Holy Spirit to show me how to live

                       I’m all wrapped up in myself but I want only to give

                       All to you


Bridge:    Sometimes the simple truth is the hardest to see

                  When I surrendered you set me free



   Verse 3

                     Lately my old friends are wondering ‘bout the change

                     Looking at the broken life you’ve begun to rearrange

                     I ’m praying that they see just what you’ve done for me

                    That they too will turn to you, you have all they'll ever need

                     In this life.

Jesus loves you my brother.......

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