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                        That Boy From Birmingham

A double date with a good kisser from Birmingham helps a young country girl raise her standards and leads her to a happy marriage.  She tells other young women to "find yourself a boy who knows how to kiss". 

That Boy From Birmingham - Larry WIlson

That Boy From Birmingham

Words and Music by Larry Wilson – All Rights Reserved


Verse 1
I was barely 15, been lookin’ at boys for a while
Just a country girl trying to figure life out
I’d kissed a few boys but none of them really knew what to do
I was beginning to wonder what my friends have been talking about.
Yeah, frustrated….disappointed….beginning to doubt


Then one night on a double date with my sister and her boyfriend
His cousin was down from Birmingham, a young boy heaven sent
With gentle touch and a caring way he led me to bliss
Of course we didn’t go all the way but…Ooo that boy knew how to kiss


Verse 2
Senior year was courted by the richest boy in town
His daddy sold Chevrolets
But I turned him down when he proposed, mainly because of this
That boy - didn’t know how to kiss
Yeah that boy, that poor rich boy, didn’t know how to kiss


Verse 3
I left our little town to find a job, headed for the city
Not by chance my choice was Birmingham
I looked him up, my first day in town, not just to reminisce
He was available and remembered our first kiss
And WOW that boy, that Birmingham boy, still knew how to kiss.


Verse 4
 10 years later the love still grows in a family happy and strong
Patience and forgiveness go a long way
Every night I thank the boy who gives me the joy that led to all of this
That Birmingham boy, with the dy-no-mite kiss,
Yes that boy, that Birmingham boy who knows how to kiss


Girls let me tell when you’re shopping around
 The gene pool has lots of studs 
And good for you if you can have it all but make sure it’s understood
When you get a little older and you’re looking back you’ll be glad you remembered this

Find yourself a boy, girls find yourself a boy, who knows how to kiss

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