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O The Satisfaction

Mick Jagger:  "I can't get no satisfaction...I try and I try and I try....can't get me no satisfaction".  St. Augustine: "You have made us for yourself O Lord and our hearts are restless until they rest in you."  There is lasting satisfaction in Jesus Christ.​​

O The Satisfaction
Words and Music by Larry Wilson – All Rights Reserved


Verse 1
Living my life just as I pleased
Loving no one as much as I loved me
Looking for a lifestyle that wasn’t too much bother
Following philosophies of one man then another


But there was no satisfaction there, no satisfaction there
Restless and blind, no peace of mind,
no satisfaction there

Verse 2
Then I heard his call, it challenged me to change
Old priorities began to seem insane
Gave up all my searching because of what I found
Looking to eternity but with both feet on the ground


And O the satisfaction here, O the satisfaction here
When Jesus came to me, I began to see,
O the satisfaction here

Verse 3
(My friend) You can try to own the world or just buy
some peace of mind
Try to lose yourself having a good time
Satisfy your body but your heart knows something’s wrong
Listen to that little voice saying here’s where you belong


And O the satisfaction here, O the satisfaction here
He’ll fill you to the brim cause you were made for him
O the satisfaction here…O–O–O the satisfaction….in Jesus..

O The Satisfaction - Larry Wilson
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