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No Drama Mama

A guy who has it made with a "no drama mama",  is distracted by a "high drama mama" who "begins to change, Dr. Jeckel to Mr. Hyde".  Like the prodigal son of the bible, he realizes he made a big mistake, returns to his no drama mama begging for forgiveness. Like the prodigal son's father, she forgives him, takes him back and restores him to full privileges. 

No Drama Mama - Larry Wilson

No Drama Mama
Words and Music by Larry Wilson – All Rights Reserved
(Parallels the Story of the Prodigal Son in the gospel of Luke)


 Her smile turned on when I touched her
I loved the way she filled our life with laughter
Watching football in bed between our rodeos
I was thinking about a diamond ring but too passive to propose
She got along with my family, she really liked my truck
She was completely contented, my job paid just enough

She was my no drama mama, my no drama mama
She was no prima donna, a no drama mama.


Verse 2

 But a beautiful woman knocked me off my feet
The grass looked greener on the other side of the street
Then she began to change, to a word that rhymes with “witch”
Dr. Jeckel to Mr. Hyde; such a sudden switch
She frowned at my jokes, corrected my grammar
My confidence was shaken, I began to stammer

Turns out she was a high drama mama, a high drama mama
She made me sleep in my pajamas, too much drama mama.


  Then like the Prodigal Son I remembered the days before I began to wander
Bearing the burden of my “sins”
But I came to my senses, figured it out
Made up my mind to begin….

(Getting back to) my no drama mama, my no drama mama
Gotta get back and I’m gonna, be with my no drama mama


Verse 3

Honey please forgive me I was wrong
I’m down on my knees, let me come back home
I failed to appreciate your beauty and your charms
Now I’m aching for the feeling of your loving arms
You gave me a ton of love but now I’m begging for just an ounce
Tell that new man of yours to get out of our house
Take me back my no drama mama, my no drama mama
It’s the one thing I wanna, is to be with you mama



I don’t deserve to be called your darling
But if you’ll have me I’ll come back any way that I can”
She saw that I was sorry and lifted me up
Gave me the house keys and let me back in

And once again she’s my no drama mama, my no drama mama
She threw a big beef BBQ, invited all our friends
Tossed out all my pajamas, my no drama mama.

Holding Daddy's Hand

A daughter sings of her father who loved her, her mother, her brothers and was a good man to  the entire community. 

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