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I Will See You Someday
Words and Music by Larry Wilson All Rights Reserved


Verse 1
Early spring in the park, a father and son share the day
Scenes like these lately lead to pain
‘Cause I’m thinking ‘bout what might have been,
and the life we threw away
Wishing we could go back there again


Your mother always felt the loss,
but it took some time for me to know
Just what we abandoned, the treasure we let go.

Verse 2
A secret living in our family, sometimes holding back the joy
Of sisters who’ve asked for a brother to play their games
And at the table there’s an empty chair
where should sit a growing boy
Who, in time, would pass on his grandpa’s name


You died before you were born,
We were having big troubles at the time
A gift returned unopened
How could we have been so blind

We’ve asked for and received forgiveness,
from each other and from God
But there’s a hole left in my heart and the guilt lingers on
Yet there’s healing and hope when I say

I will see you someday, I will see you some day
I will see you someday, my son

Verse 3
Life gives us choices, some are right and some are wrong
The road we’re traveling is the one we chose
If we’d been wiser then, you’d be with us right now
So much to regret but it helps to know


I Will See You Someday - Larry Wilson

I Will See You Someday

A father misses the son who was aborted out of ignorance.

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