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Country Music

What A Price We Paid

June 6, 2019 will be the 75th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Europe on "D-Day".  This song is the sound track of a video that honors the veterans of D-Day, especially at Omaha Beach where it was a long and terrible day and where "grown men were crying for their mothers, others were crying out to God."  Inspired by the opening sequences of Speilbergs "Saving Private Ryan"

Swimmin' In The Baugus Hole

Dedicated to my mother, LouNelle Baugus Wilson who told me the stories of the Baugus Hole in its heyday in the 1930's and 1940's in rural West Tennessee where "there was so much going on that the snakes kept their distance in this country paradise". 

Charlie Came Alive

"Nothing's better than music to bring back memories".  A true story about Charlie who appeared to be "out of it" when he was wheeled into the parlor for the Senior Citizen Sing Along and where he truly came alive.

Holding Daddy's Hand

A daughter sings of her father who loved her, her mother, her brothers and was a good man to  the entire community. 

No Drama Mama

A guy has it made with a "no drama mama",  but is distracted by a "high drama mama" who changes "From Dr Jeckel to Mr. Hyde".  Like the prodigal son of the bible, he realizes he made a big mistake, returns to his no dama mama begging for forgiveness. Like the prodigal son's father, she forgives him, takes him back and restores him to full priviledges. 

Come Inside

A woman answers her front door to see her long gone "rambling boy" lover.  Find out what happens when she lets him in.  Did she make a good decision? 

That Boy From Birmingham

A double date with a good kisser from Birmingham helps a young country girl raise her standards and leads her to a happy marriage.  She tells other young women to "find yourself a boy who knows how to kiss". 

Loneliest Planet

A sad ballad about lost love and how the separation is like being totally alone. 

I Don't Regret A Single Day

A relationship that was mutually ended is still fresh in one of the lovers memories.

Someday We'll Be Together Again

Hope springs eternal for a lost love even though the pining lover is getting no encouragement to think that way. 

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